Install the SIM card MTS in the slot of your device. After that, turn the machine on and wait for the download of phone system and network definition. Then click on icon "Internet" or "Browser" in the menu of your phone. Try to load a web page by entering the address of any Internet resource on the screen.
If the settings have been activated automatically after you install the card, you will see the web page. If the Internet setup is not activated, you will have to manually specify the desired settings.
Go to menu "Settings" - "access Point" ("Mobile network") devices. In the list of connections, select MTS and press "Activate" then restart the machine to apply the settings. Try again to start the browser to view web pages and enter the desired Internet address. If all steps were done right, the screen will display the desired resource.
In the absence of MTS in the settings menu, perform the add a new access point. To do this, click "Add". Proposed to fill the fields, specify the appropriate information. For the field "connection Name", enter an arbitrary name for the network. In the field "access point Name" (APN) specify the internet. The fields "username" and "Password" can be left blank. If necessary, disconnect the request for the password in the line "Confirm password". IP address and DNS can also be left blank.
Save your changes and activate the newly created access point by pressing "Activate" in the menu. Restart the device and try to implement Internet access using the phone's browser.