You will need
  • - Barber scissors with long blades,
  • - thinning scissors,
  • - scissors with zakruglenie ends
  • - clipper animals
  • - tips for cars,
  • - tweezers
  • - knife for trimming, or a slicker brush,
  • - coltures,
  • - clipper,
  • metal comb for dogs,
  • brush-slicker brush,
  • - specialized literature,
  • - Internet,
  • courses grooming
Distinguished exhibition of haircuts and Pets. For the exhibition the animal is cut in accordance with the standard of the breed. As a rule, most of the hair long-haired dog in this case remains in front of her. Wool basically is given the desired form. In addition well done show grooming can hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the exterior of the animal.

But for the home can cut as you wish. Though "under the lion", though "under a zero". Fantasy professional grooming in the field of creative haircuts are not meant for exhibitions limitless. Today is not such a miracle to see the Maltese trimmed "tax", or Cocker cut "under a Yorkshire Terrier". Even options home haircuts typical of a particular breed, there are many, for example, for the same of York.
как подстричь ногти доберману
Before you can learn to cut, decide whether you will put in order only your pet or want to have a haircut and grooming dogs professionally. If you decide to become a hairdresser only for your pet, then read about the grooming of this breed - in the specialized books that describe particular breed of dog usually have this information. Can access the Internet - the network of such information abound. Carefully review all of the sites that describes the haircut of this breed, all photos and videos on the subject. Can the first time to see a specialist, ask them to allow you to be present when the haircut and to see what and how to do it. And then, armed with books and other information, try to cut yourself.
как стричь когти собакам
If you are going to have haircut and grooming seriously, you are several options. Maybe you are a professional breeder, say, spaniels. In this case, you are interested in all the subtleties of grooming this breed. Again, follow the recommendations listed above, and in addition don't be afraid to consult with experienced breeders, experts from the kennel club. Read the sites and forums by professional breeders breed and grooming.

If you want to become a master estate, it is best to take courses grooming. Perhaps after the course you will even employ. Such training can be carried out at salons for animals at veterinary hospitals. During the study, you will learn the exterior features different breeds of dogs, learn how to communicate with the animals, learn in theory and in practice, the method of cutting. The only problem is that no such courses there. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, of course, the choice is huge, but in the regions, can and did not find anything.

In any case, get the book Nina Plerosai "dog Grooming and care of their hair". In this edition of intelligently and described in detail all the procedures to grooming dogs, are the detailed descriptions of haircuts for 38 breeds, in accordance with international standards. Description of haircut each breed provided with clear images.
как подстричь собаке когти
Acquire tools for trimming dogs. Depending on the breed list may vary. If you are only going to support a hairstyle of your pet, you can do human hair clippers, electric or even mechanical. From special clippers for animals to care for one pet is enough cheap Moser-Rex 1400, or Andis Safe T-Light (BTFL). But if you're going to work on the flow, just purchase a clipper animal, preferably a rotary. It may be Moser 1245 Max,2 Andis AGC, Andis AGC Super 2. Included usually there are heads, but if they do, buy it separately.

Hairdressing scissors with long blades and thinning purchase in the store for hairdressers, Scissors with rounded ends - at the pet store. There's also get a metal comb. They should be flat and metal. Take frequent and rare teeth. Brush-slicker brush handy to comb the volume, such as ears or paws, but for basic scratching to use it is not worth it. If you are eager for professionals, the purchase of overpriced slicker brush, a knife for trimming. But remember that trimming is not necessary in all breeds, but only of Cocker spaniels, setters, rough-haired Dachshund, Terrier. The nail clipper is in the form of forceps or a "guillotine". Choose what is comfortable for you. But contunies choose similar in appearance to a comb, not a rake.
какой машинкой лучше стрич американского кокера
Highlight clipping dog's private territory. It can be balcony, single room, courtyard. After all, the wool will fly everywhere. The table this procedure should be non-slip, can lay a rubber Mat or upholster it with a cloth. Don't forget good lighting - haircut painstaking process that requires accuracy and precision. In the vicinity of the table should be an electrical outlet or extension cord.

Before cutting be sure to buy the animal. First, only pure wool you will be able to give a neat shape. Second, dirty hair is very much blunts the scissors knives for machines. But keep in mind that the dog must be absolutely dry, because the electric machine. Can buy the dog just before cutting and dry with a hair dryer. Or do it 1-2 days before cutting.
как подстрич коккер спаниеля
Animal grooming requires a lot of endurance, patience and friendly treatment of animals. Because dogs respond differently to similar treatments. One will stand still, the other trying to sneak away from the table, and the third and all show teeth. Moreover, the mood and behavior of the animal does not depend on sheared it before or not. You need to learn to get along with the dog to cope in the event of her resistance. If the dog is prone to aggression, it's better to put the animal's muzzle. In salons and vet clinics often cut with the use of anesthesia. But if you have veterinary or medical qualifications - it's better not to take chances.