You will need
  • - Straight scissors
  • - Scissors thinning
  • - Metal comb with frequent teeth
  • Brush-slicker brush
  • - Clipper
  • - A knife for trimming
  • - Tweezers
  • -Coltures
  • Spray for untangling tangles
  • -Table for grooming
  • - Clipper animals
  • - Tips for cars
The first thing you will need - clippers dogs. These are issued by firms, Moser, Oster, Trive, Ziver, Wahl, Andis. If you plan to work with a large number of animals, give preference to the rotary, not vibration machines. Cutter blocks to them are steel and with a ceramic knife. To perform haircuts in various lengths, you can buy knives with different numbers or set of nozzles.
Second - scissors. Base set - regular straight with long blades and sharp points, and thinning. Thinning shears are better to have a couple with one or two blades for thinning out. Expensive or cheap scissors to buy - to solve the master. It depends, is there any good craftsman sharpening tool. It's easier to throw scissors for 250 rubles and buy a new one than to ruin the tool, value of 4 to 15 thousand, bad sharpening.
To maintain claws properly need a nail clipper. It comes in two varieties - the guillotine and the tweezers. What to choose - a matter of habit and convenience of each. The main thing is not to take too small or too powerful. After clipping the claws can be treated the tips of the nail with a nail file.
If you have to work with the wire-haired breeds - Schnauzer, Terriers, you will need a knife for trimming. Generally, trimming is the removal of dead ripe wool - can be performed by hands, without any tools. But trimming knife speeds up the work.
Comb should be several. One or two metal lice comb - La daily staple combing. These combs perhaps even comb the tangles. But the popular brush-the slicker is good only to give volume to already combed wool for combing out of the undercoat. As a basic everyday comb for dogs, they are not suitable.
For fighting tangles spray used for untangling and coltures. Problem area wetted by spray, and in a few minutes, the wizard tears apart catunaregam hair first and then comb. To clean the ears use a pair of tweezers. With it, plucking hair from the ear of the dog.
The grooming table is suitable for almost any only were sustained and the dog does not slip on it. When choosing, pay attention to the weight and size, for any species it is intended. Definitely rubberized finish of the table and a very desirable bracket of the table, allowing the dog to fall.