You will need
  • Electric clipper with attachments No. 10, 15, Stripping, nail scissors with rounded tips
Start the haircut from the head. To do this, take an electric clipper with attachment No. 15. The hair on the head should be the same length down to the base of the ears. Pay attention to the complex plot, which is located at the upper and lower lips. The hair on the lower lip must be short enough that the top is tight against her. Clipper head, crown and nape, use the nozzle in the same room. Garnish with a small tuft of (not too thick and long) the transition from forehead to muzzle. To do this, use ordinary scissors.
How to cut <strong>Cocker Spaniel</strong>
Hair cut on the ears: two-thirds from the base, which is approximately at eye level, cut electric clippers with attachment No. 10, and the remaining third slightly trim it with scissors. The same nozzle cut square to the shoulder joint and keeping the smooth lines, to the beginning the sternum. The neck on the sides and comb with a special comb posypaete – Stripping, leaving the hair length of 1-2 cm.
The hair on the trunk do not cut and steppingout. The hair on the abdomen, back, legs should be long and silky. The hair on the tail kupirovano obligate wedge, and in the anal hole - diamond.
Hair on legs leave a natural length, except the area between the fingertips and the top of the legs (they should be visible). For cutting use scissors, preferably with rounded ends. According to the anthology Of "our favorites", be careful not to leave excess hair throughout the length of the legs: they should look straight, not twisted.
Ensure that after cutting during the movement of the dog was visible to the foot. Silhouette of an American Cocker Spaniel needs to be more square than elongated. This effect can be achieved profilirovav the hair on the ischial tuberosity. As necessary cut the dog's nails with the tongs. Too long, they can affect the correct gait.