Advice 1: How to cut Pekingese

The Pekingese is one of the most common breeds for keeping at home in city apartments. The popularity of the Pekingese has won thanks to its compact size and light weight and friendly nature and sociability. In addition, the Pekingese does not require strenuous exercise and long walks, so you can keep them can even pensioners and people with disabilities. One of the main advantages of these dogs is a beautiful thick coat. No wonder she requires constant and quality care - grooming. To facilitate the grooming can be done Pekingese haircut.
How to cut Pekingese
You will need
  • - scissors
  • - clipper
Before you start grooming the Pekingese will need to have the appropriate tools – quality hairdressing scissors (better if they will stand toe to hand tired not so fast) or a special clipper dogs.
Then you need to prepare the coat of the Pekingese to the haircut: wash, dry and comb.
And finally, find a suitable place for a haircut for you and your pet. Better if it is a small table that the dog was at the level of your waist or slightly above.
For pekingeses there are no universal standards for haircuts, therefore, each breeder is free to choose to your taste. Many people prefer to keep the original appearance of the Pekingese, destrega a minimal amount of wool, so it does not get dirty while walking. In this case, it is sufficient to trim the hair on the abdomen (to desired length), the legs (the so-called "pants" and elbows), as well as on the ears, if the hair reaches to the floor and interfere with the dog.
Another common haircut for Pekingese is grooming "under puppy." To make it easier with the help of special machines. In this embodiment, sostrigla hair all over the dog's body to the same length. It is recommended to leave at least 1.5-2 inches, as Pekingese do not tolerate very short haircuts. As to the muzzle and tail, here you can give free rein to their imagination, making your dog unique! For example, you can adjust the length of wool over the ears, making the Pekingese "caret" or, conversely, leaving it longer for them to put funny "tails". Also unusually, you can cut and tail. Some prefer bushy tail, while others leave only a brush at the tip. And for your Pekingese tal quite like a cub, cut it with a uniform "mane" around the muzzle a little longer than the rest of the coat. To make a beautiful and unusual cut Pekingese is not difficult, important not to forget about the fact that a new look should be like not only for you but for your pet.

Advice 2: How to call the dog a Pekingese

Sometimes choosing a name for a pet can be a problem for owners – want to come up with some suitable name, and fantasy is quite exhausted. And if the big dog breeds you can choose something loud, intimidating name, suitable for their size and appearance, room for small dogs such as the Pekingese, often choose simple and cute nicknames.
How to call the dog a Pekingese
In the cases where it is difficult to think up a name for a dog, can recall the names of four-legged heroes of some movies or cartoons.
For example, in the famous Russian movie "Moscow does not believe in tears" Pekingese called Èapa. This nickname is well suited for any sex of the animal – in the film Èapa called the boy, but this name can be given and Pekingese-girl.
Simple nicknames you can remember the name Abba was the name of the dog in doctor Dolittle from the film "Aibolit - 66".
You can also call your Pekingese named Balt go, Bolto, after a dog-hero. This dog was rescued from the epidemic of Alaska. Along with the other dogs he was carrying in one city team with the vaccine, but then the dog died and the owner tied the vaccine to the collar of Balto because he is next to go was unable to. Belt brought the vaccine to the city, and then the Blizzard brought people to his master, whereby the master is saved.
You can also call your pet Bimam, in honor of another faithful dog, the hero of the well-known film "White BIM black ear".
Nickname another dedicated dog also became famous. Dog named Fido 14 years came to the station and waited for his master, who had already died. The dog even put up a monument on the very same station where he constantly came.
You can still remember a lot of names of all known dogs such as Phil, Toto, Kashtanka, Hooch, cherry tomatoes, blot, Bimbo, etc. when Choosing a name for Pekingese, note on the habits of your pet and then it will be easier to understand what a nickname it is better to choose.
When the house is charming hairy lump, who will grow up and become your best friend, you are surely going to suffer and struggle with finding an answer to the question "how can called dog boy." Try not to call a dog a common name, it will create additional problems. After all, the dog Park may be a few Pets with the same names.
Useful advice
Parameters that you can decide what to call the dog-boy best, not a lot. Just need to answer the questions: who is the owner of the dog (woman, man, child)? How big are they? Buddy was the only one in the family of the President who supported him in the days of spats with Hillary. Buddy the dog from the movie of Walt Disney (the name of the movie wanted!), made friends with the cat. Belt dog, saved from the epidemic residents Standards in Alaska.
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