Advice 1: How to cut Yorkie "baby face"

Haircut York "baby face" involves a round head and a beanie with bangs. Some dog lovers tie a bow, which further makes the dog attractive.
How to cut Yorkie "baby face"
Popularity among people have purchased the Yorkie – dog with a small muzzle and large eyes. This type face is called "baby face", which means "baby face".

Grooming York

The advantage of the Yorkshire Terrier is a beautiful coat. So the coat looked clean and tidy, you need to regularly take care of it. The grooming of an animal should begin in early childhood, but to cut it is not necessary until the dog reaches one year of age. Grooming the Yorkshire Terrier - employment is not easy.

Haircuts Yorkshire Terrier is the most important correctly to wash, after dry and pull the hair.

If you want to cut it just for yourself, you can do it yourself, and if you have a display at the exhibition, then you will need the help of the wizard. Every two weeks experts recommend doing your pet a hygienic haircut. Grooming includes: washing, drying, grooming, trimming claws, cleaning of ears. If the dog got the mats, it is better to carefully disassemble the arms.

Haircut York

To trim a Yorkshire Terrier "baby face" we need bottom-up, from the tail to the head for hair growth. When the haircut intimate places, many prefer a machine with long nozzle, but it is better to take a pair of scissors. In the testes hair leave better longer. To cut the dog must be carefully, not to wound. In males the belly cut above the breast, than in females, long hair it can get dirty when urinating. Special attention should be paid to grooming of the head of the Yorkshire Terrier. Wool cover on the head creates difficulties when eating, drinking and just walking.

Nicely trimmed York will always attract attention and will save the owner from a thorough grooming.

Because of the strong sensitivity of the eye Yorkshire Terrier need to pay special attention to the fur around the eyes. Need to stab her, if not to do it, then it is better to cut out the wool, but it will have to do every 3-4 weeks. In the underarms, groin hair trimmed short as well cut out the wool between the toes and on the tips of the ears.

Cut the ears should be done regularly 1 time per month, overgrown ears at the SAG Yorkies, and puppies may not rise. Be sure to nail their ears need a good clean with a cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide. Then, with the inner part of the ear, to remove the extra hairs you can pluck with your fingers or tweezers.

Advice 2: How to care for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Small and defenseless puppy is completely up to you. His nutrition must be carefully monitored. How is the puppy York, and from caring for him, depends on his health.
How to care for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy

The kids are grown York quickly, within a week the puppy can add weight to 100 grams. The first week after birth gain, if the puppy does not get grams, then you need to find out why. Watch how the dog is put to the breast of the mother, if everything is in order, strengthen nutrition of lactating dogs.

Food and care

Puppy York by age from one month to feed two to six times per day. Aged two to five 3-4 times. Then up to eight months feed three times a day. Let the cooked grains and meat, dairy products. Curd dilute with kefir or ryazhenka. Puppies York not to feed fresh bread, milk, bones, meats. Introduce a new food into the diet gradually.

How to clean York

Bathe the puppy in a warm room (temperature of water 38°C). Use special shampoos and conditioners for dogs to keep the pet's hair in excellent condition. One towel blot the water, the second wrap of the puppy. To two months better puppies not to bathe - it is for them to stress.

How to cut York

Trim the claws of the puppy from an early age, and shave your hair on the tips of the ears, deliver the ear canal from the hairs. If four month puppy has very long hair, then you can take him to the Barber shop.

How to vaccinate a puppy York

Begin to be vaccinated from eight weeks of age, then Yorkies are vaccinated a month later, then after 10 months. A week before the vaccination give pet medication from worms. Contact about vaccinations exclusively to the specialists in quality veterinary clinics.

Yorkshire Terriers grow intensively up to four months, uneven growth typical for them. The correct development of your dog depends on your care.

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