You will need
  • Shampoos, conditioners, balms, combs, electric shaver, epilator, razor, shaving cream, alcoholic lotion, after shave cream, hair dryer, nail clipper, tools for the care of eyes and ears, scissors.
General care for all varieties of the Chinese crested dog is maintaining in the normal condition of the ears, eyes, mouth, paws, claws, anal glands.

Inspect daily eyes and ears of your dog. Clean them with a cotton swab dipped in funds intended for daily care of eyes and ears. Excessive tearing can cause allergies. In this case, contact your veterinarian. If a strong discharge with an unpleasant smell from the ears also should take the dog to the clinic.
Как ухаживать за беременной собакой
After each outing, inspect the clutches. Check the base of the claws – if there are any inflammations or irritations. Make sure there are no cuts, punctures, bruises on the pads. Trim the hair between the pads as the regrowth of hair. Once a week, trim dog claws. Do it better after bathing while they are still soft. Learn how to empty dog anal glands
как прочистить анальные железы у собаки?
And now about caring for the skin and hair of Chinese crested dogs. Let's start with the down representatives. The care for the "powder puffs" takes more time and attention than a naked dog.

Daily brush your pet. Careful not to formed mats. Wash to "puff" at best once a week. Dishwashing get, given the characteristics of your dog's coat. You can brute force find the perfect for your pet, shampoos and conditioners. But it is best to consult with your breeder or groomer. You may need additional funds to care for the hair, such as masks, sprays, rinses and the like.

Also the powder puff is necessary to cut the face, neck and in some cases the lugs (although it is more for beauty).
операция мастит у собаки
To care for the "truly naked" dogs simply. To do this, regularly wash your dog with shampoo (at least once a week) and just rinse with water daily in summer and every other day in winter. Please note that dishwashing hairless dogs should not contain oil (oil fundamentals bad for the skin of dogs, they often clog the pores and appear unpleasant acne). Muzzle so the dogs are shaved with an electric razor (if it is heavily overgrown with wool) or ordinary razors, on the same pattern as duvet.
как определить собака беременная или нет
"Strongly growing" individuals require little more than careful maintenance. They need to be machine cut and shave with an electric razor or a razor as overgrowth of hair.

Instead of a razor you can use the epilator (if your dog of the patient) or depilatory creams, the hair does not grow longer. Only you should not use these methods on the face. It only shave with clippers and razors.
Как выбрать щенка китайской хохлатой собаки
Some representatives of the hairless dogs suffer from the so-called acne. Usually, after puberty it goes, but sometimes it remains for life. If the problem takes too global in nature (many pustular formations), it is not self-medicate and to a groomer. But if it's a little black dots on the body, then you can deal with them alone. Use during bathing dogs body scrubs, give your dog to sunbathe. Always keep the skin of the animal clean.