You will need
  • - printout of account;
  • - wire to connect to the computer.
Review the data room copies of your phone book for the applications installed on your computer to sync devices. This is true only in the case if you have previously created a backup of contacts on your computer and the program stores the information you need.
Also review copies of the phone numbers on the SIM card on older phones that used previously, as well as a list of calls that may be stored in their memory. Browse through the different notification messages to the operator about missed calls, maybe one of them will be the remote number you contact.
If your computer also missing you need to restore phone numbers, contact the nearest service office of your mobile operator and request phone records for that period, when was the last time you called a remote memory of your phonebook number or when your phone was implemented incoming call from him. Also in this case, view the list of incoming and outgoing SMS messages.
Please note that to obtain information about calls you need to have a passport or any other document confirming the personality. Printing account only available to owners of SIM-card, so please make sure that its registration was made in your name.
Please note that this service may be applicable for some operators. Also the printout you can order on the operator's official website in the personal account, after which the table calls will come to you at the specified email address. In the future, run the synchronize your phone with your computer and save contacts in table format on the hard disk. Also, use backup programs for phones.