You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - information about the flight.
Find out from which airport your plane takes off. If you hold a ticket - this information is in line with the information on the departure. The airport code is listed next to the time of departure.

For example, codes of airports:

SVO - Sheremetyevo
DME - Domodedovo
VNK - Vnukovo

If the airport code is unfamiliar to you, you can find the name of the airport code in the Internet (see additional sources)
Find the airport website on the Internet. For this you can use any search engine: Google, Yandex, etc. Almost every major airport in the world now has its own web site. For the convenience of using a foreign website, switch to English (the button with the British flag or the word "English", usually located in the upper right corner of the screen).
Open a tab with the schedule of departure and arrival of aircraft. This tab opens automatically or when you visit the website of the airport or is one of the main.

For example, on the website of Sheremetyevo airport electronic signs presented on the first page. It contains information on departure and arrival of aircraft. Moreover, given the schedule and the actual time with the delays.
Enter your flight number into the search bar or just browse through the schedule to the desired time of departure or arrival. If your flight information is missing, call the telephone number listed on the airport's website and a specialist will help you deal with your problem.