Today the easiest way to find out all about how much, how and where the arrivalet the plane is the Internet. Type in a search engine the name of the arrival airport or city airport if there is one. Most of the websites of the airports you can find all useful information about flights, flight schedule, including time of arrival.
If you know the flight number, just find it in the list. In the case where the flight number is unknown, you can try to find out the time of arrival of the aircraft, guided by the available data. Browse all flights from your desired departure city. If a lot of options, look at which airlines have these flights. All of this will greatly narrow your search. Usually, even without knowing the exact flight number, it is enough to see the famous flights of the carrier from a particular city to determine the time of arrival of the aircraft.
When you are already at the airport, meeting someone, the easiest way to know the time of arrival is to look on the Bulletin Board. It shows all the flights that will soon time to take the airport. If the plane is delayed, the time of his arrival also changes. Sometimes there is written only that the flight is delayed. In this case, you can try to get more accurate information from the airline staff.
If the air travel do you do and you want to find out the time of arrival to calculate their future plans or report it occurring, just look at your ticket. There is all the necessary information. Remember that the time of arrival indicated the local, that is, it is important for time zone on the territory of which the aircraft landed. Sometimes actual time of arrival is slightly different from that promised by the carrier. This is due to the fact that there may be different situations, because of which the planes are late. Despite the fact that it happens infrequently, it still happens.
Another way to find out the time of arrival of the flight, call the airport or in support of the airline. Reference service is available at each airport, and to answer such questions is the work of its employees. If you call the airline, be prepared that the line can be paid. However, it is a better option if you, for example, are abroad, and the Russian airline. Even if the company is not a Russian, usually employees its helpdesk know English.