If you are meeting passengers at the airport, the best way to know that the plane landed on the runway – the electronic scoreboard. Once the aircraft has reached the destination on the flight Board, there is information with the flight number and its status is "arrived", "landed" or "delayed arrival".
If the plane is still on the way, it's worth the status of "departed", and if the aircraft went from the point of origin late, then write "detained".
To find out information about the aircraft's arrival you can on the Internet. All large passenger Yaroslav is there a website that hosts online scoreboard arrivals and departures of all aircraft. With the status system is exactly the same as on an electronic Board at the airport.
If you don't know the website address of the airport, you type in the Internet search engine the name of the air hub.
In order not to make mistakes and to view the status of arrival, you must know the flight number. This information is provided in paper or electronic ticket passenger.
In this case you can not focus on the arrival time of the aircraft specified in the ticket or voucher, as the plane may be delayed, as in the time of departure and airport of arrival. In addition, the time spent by the aircraft in transit may be different from the known or declared. The fact that the path of the aircraft "there" and "back" may take place on different routes and air corridors.
You can find out the estimated or exact time of arrival of the aircraft at the reference airport in the building or by calling this service.
You must understand that in the case of Charter flights accurate information of plane arrivals are not known in advance, as you first need to know what time the aircraft will fly. But you will be able to tell the approximate time.
In this case, the advantage of regular flights that they fly on schedule. Specialist referral service will tell you the status of your flight at the time of the call.
Also help the airport provide information about the type of aircraft, time in flight, hour of departure of the aircraft on this route.
You can find information about arrival of the aircraft in the airlines-the carrier. The name of the air carrier also specified in the ticket, or it is possible to determine the name of the flight.
On the websites of the airports or for reference, as a rule, you can find all the information about the airlines domestic and international flights – Internet presence, telephone numbers, addresses.