To make you as comfortable as possible to reschedule the flight, follow a few simple rules. Always buy tickets, only first or business class as the most difficult flight is in economy class.
Book a seat near the window. If you have problems with serdechnososudistye system, varicose veins, blood diseases, asthma and other serious diseases before you travel visit your doctor and get recommendations on the safety of flight. The doctor will prescribe additional drugs to help minimize the possible consequences of flights.
If you do not have time to visit a doctor, take pills prescribed for constant use. Varicose veins, problems with blood vessels, take aspirin just before the flight, of course, if you carry it. Bring Slippers with you and immediately change of notation in them. Also don't forget to take a bottle of pure non-carbonated water.
Do not overeat before the flight, the aircraft also go easy on lunch. Better eat a light Breakfast and immediately after a flight dine.
If you have any discharge from the ears, it is rational to use earplugs, especially during climb and landing.
Tune in to sleep on the plane, take a light herbal anti-anxiety medications.
10 days before the flights follow the regime day time zone in which you plan to fly.
In no case do not drink alcohol, even if you don't have health problems. When drinking alcohol there is a sharp expansion of blood vessels, and then a rapid contraction. If we add to this the changes in atmospheric pressure, even a healthy body can not withstand.
During pregnancy flying is highly undesirable, especially if there is a threat of miscarriage or had an experience of miscarriage. But if you fly you really need, then consult your doctor. Wear tights against varicose veins and bandage for pregnant women.
If you feel bad, give up the flight. It is better to lose money and time than the most precious thing you have – life.