Find out the flight number and arrival time. Specify this information until departure of the passenger because the flight may delay and then you have to needlessly spend a few hours in the airport. Ideal - message from the plane before takeoff. Knowing the approximate time, you will always be able to calculate how much you need to arrive at the airport.
Add on to the time of arrival at least half an hour. Passengers will exit the plane, pass the passport control, to baggage. This margin is required in order to, again, not wasting too much time waiting.
Arriving at the airport go to the arrivals hall. After all the metal framework, follow the screens with information about arrivals. Relate need you flight number and the arrival time of the output number and go to it. From there will come out expected passengers. Of course, it is possible to transfer the flight to another output, so periodically check the information on the scoreboard. Many airports provided only a single pass for the arriving passengers, in this case, you have to be alert not to miss in the crowd of his friend.
If you come to meet a passenger in the car, leave it in the Parking lot outside of the departure Lounges, not arrivals. Near the latter is always formed a huge queue of cars to meet, and you will lose a lot of time to just go from there. Having met the passenger, go to the exit in the departure hall and quietly leave the territory of the airport, no standing in line.
Hoping to get a taxi after the meeting, it is better to go to the halls of departure. You will be able to save a considerable sum of money, as there usually are cars that brought passengers not wishing to go to the city empty. So the drivers will agree to reduce the price up to two times.
Make nice just returned the other. The meeting itself will take a lot of pleasure, but it can amplify. If you meet a girl, be sure to buy a bouquet of flower. To make it better, as the prices in the airport are significantly higher. Meeting a couple or a company, make something like a plaque or poster, writing their names or surnames. Of course, you can always add creativity and cheer jetlagged friends.