Advice 1: How to restore an e-ticket

Electronic ticket (e-ticket ) is a document certifying the contract of air carriage concluded between carrier and passenger. The main difference from the conventional paper ticketand, is that e-is a digital record stored in the database of the airline.
How to restore an e-ticket
You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - money.
If you lose an electronic ticket, it can be restored. There are a couple of ways. Login to your personal account, if it is on the website of the airline with which you have a contract for transportation. If you are not registered, you will need to go through this procedure.
Enter your details in the appropriate fields (name, surname, patronymic, address, telephone number, date of birth etc). After some time, you will receive a TEXT message, which will be the access password to the personal account. Use the phone number as a login and receive a password.
Make payment for recovery of lost e - ticket. Transfer money to your e-mail account "Yandex. Money" or "MOBI.Money." The subscribers of "Beeline", "MegaFon" and "MTS" can Deposit funds via mobile phone.
Will receive a notification about the payment system that the payment was successful. After information processing, the airline will send you a link to the itinerary receipt delivered to your phone number or email address.
Again go to your personal account. Check the history of payments. If the amount is credited, you will have access to your electronic ticket. Print e - ticket or download its electronic version on a mobile phone. To do this, click on the link with the results of the payment sent to you via SMS text message.
Test information: the opened page must display the electronic ticket with a bar code. In that case, if the barcode is not displayed, then print the ticket on paper. Tickets without barcodes will not be checked. In addition to print e - ticketand, through a personal account you can view the history of payments and change registration information.
Call the hotline and make a request for the restoration of the document (the hotline of the airline Aeroexpress: 8-800-700-33-77). Calls are free from landline and mobile phones.
Send an email with the parameters of the payment executed through an electronic monetary system (the account number of find out in your account) and your contact data by e-mail (for example,

Advice 2: How to return e-ticket

The process of submitting an electronic ticket on the train has some specifics. Purchase it on the Internet and the electronic registration eliminates the need to visit the cashier, allowing the passport to go straight to the car. But to take an electronic ticket is impossible. You will have to first register in the cashier paper money in it.
How to return e-ticket
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - blank paper ticket;
  • - the passport.
To receive in cash, a paper ticket will have to abandon the electronic registration. To do this, log in to your personal account on the website where you made the purchase (RZD or facilitator: "UFS", "just travel", etc.), open section with information about your orders and find the one that you want to cancel. Open the information about it and refrain from e-filing. This is done with one click on the corresponding button. Abandon the electronic registration is possible no later than one hour before the clearance of the train.
Section with information about the order contains his individual room. Print the page with the order confirmation or the order number. It will be useful to you for decoration of a paper ticket at the box office.
To print out your ticket you can also in special machines (such is, for example, at the Leningrad station in Moscow). To do this, enter the order number and passport details of the passenger. When making paper tickets at the box office need to tell the cashier the order number or a printout of paper with his confirmation and passport of any of the passengers if there are several. Some intermediaries, for example, "UFS", has its own stand the issuance of paper tickets (their coordinates are on the website of the ticket seller). There's also need a passport of any of the passengers and the order number.
With a paper ticket, only one way - cash in the Railways. If at the station or in the Transagentstvo has a separate box office return, it is necessary to apply there. In its absence - in any working. According to the rules, to return the ticket in cash should contact each passenger to whom he discharged, with your passport and personally sign the necessary papers.
Useful advice
Partial cancellation in one order is not possible: either all or none. But if the tickets are reserved for a few people, and go change your mind not a compromise. We need to abandon the electronic registration and to issue all passengers with paper tickets. And then those who decided not to go, simply hand over their the rest they keep on hand.
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