Decide what purpose you will use the purchased short number. From the tasks that it will perform depends to whom you should contact: mobile marketing Agency or a content provider. If you need to organize a large-scale project in several regions, as well as to develop and then implement the campaign from start to finish — contact a mobile marketing Agency. If you are interested in the local events, contact the content provider.
Describe your project in free form and it is better to write a business plan. Explain in writing the essence of your project, which will be used by a shortcode on what the target audience of the project and do you plan any promotional event. This information is necessary for the contractor to evaluate the technical side of the issue and perhaps to adjust your project.
Agree with the contractor how you will be setting up the technical interaction. If you don't understand the issue, commit the contractor to implement the programming logic of the services in accordance with the technical specifications.
Sign a contract with a contractor who will be obliged to provide technical support to your event to its completion. Make sure that the contract includes the option for you intermediate and final reports and the database of telephone numbers of subscribers who took part in the action.