You will need
  • - a package of documents for connection.
Contact the company providing the service connect virtual room. When choosing, pay special attention to related services, and, if necessary, learn about the connectivity of the virtual office. It is quite convenient for both the company head office which, for example, is located in Saint Petersburg, branches in other cities. The number assigned the area code of the main branch, and further, when providing information about the contact numberof your caller will know that the company in St. Petersburg. Also often such a roomand provided information services companies, for example, for the implementation of the system of technical customer support. Callers call different cities in one room, and then the call is allocated to the different operators.
Call the office your chosen telephone company for information about the order of providing you the services of a "Virtual room", learn from them about the necessary connection documents, General service rules, tariffs, and so on.
Also it is recommended to pay attention to the reputation of the company, it is possible that some are too easy connection kompensiruet outs in the form of poor quality of services provided. If you have a serious company and if you want to implement technical support, it is best not to save.
After connecting the roomand perform the necessary forwarding settings. The possibilities are totally dependent on your service provider. In most cases, you can configure call transfer to mobile phones, Skype, a variety of additional offices and so on, depending on the purpose of your purchase of a virtual room.
Please note that if you need pre-setting by connecting all the necessary hardware and software must be ready to use.