How to create a pay site: page designNext, you need to design resource. This is the most important step, as the visitor first draws attention for its design. Need to get a first impression of the visitors was positive, the only way the site will be able to win the love of the audience. The website should not be formulaic, but too pretentious design is also not the best solution. When creating a commercial site design should be aligned with the theme of the page and reflect the corporate identity of the company or the owner of the website. Develop logos and other elements of style on their own or turn to professionals.

One of the factors of success – optimization

It is very important not only to create a paid website, but also to take care of proper resource optimization. Even high quality page itself does not become a source of income, have to spend time and money on optimization and website promotion on the Internet. The maximum income for their owners bring sites that occupy the first place in search results. In order for the site occupied a worthy position in the ranking of searches, it is necessary to conduct a complex of events that begins with optimizing the pages for search engines. Thereafter, the advertising campaign aimed to attract more users. Remember that even after the promotion, the website can lose its position. To avoid this, work to promote and support pages should be constant.

How to create a pay site: requirements for resource

There are certain criteria that you must follow to create a paid website.

  • Page should be available to users round the clock. Any technical problems should be addressed as soon as possible, as every hour of site downtime is the lost profit of the owner.
  • Page needs to meet set goals and objectives.
  • As already mentioned, the main points of design and structure. Navigation should be intuitive to the user.
  • Very important point is the "engine" of the site. You need to choose a simple, easy to use and stable control system. The key to successful operation – the correct code is "engine".

As the website gets paid

To make the paid page, use the following methods: You can create on the website paid services: voting, payment of certain privileges on the site, etc. Another method is to make a paid registration on the site. All useful information should be available only to registered users.