To glue the ribbon cable to the matrix, completely peel off the broken trail. Then rinse with acetone remnants of conductive adhesive, which initially he was glued. Liberally apply flux to the Board and train and ludite soldering iron using a small minimalnoe sting. It will collect on its surface the excess solder, and will not be closed contacts. Rinse all the flux. On the gilt contactica should remain small nodules of solder.
Do this carefully so as to obtain nodules of uniform size. Apply some of the same flux, align the contacts on the circuit Board and the plume is uniformly warm thermomodule. The solder will melt, the train will float under the action of surface tension of the solder itself will find its place. However, he softens and takes the perfect flat contact surface.
Use conductive glue to attach the train to the tracks. To purchase this glue at any specialty store electronics or automobile stores.
Fill the walkway with sealant – the result is almost the same as with glue, but in this case it is impossible to promise the same durability as in the case of special conductive adhesives.
Press native loop by means of gum from the other indicators. If there is a toy "just you wait", use it – these erasers are large and really help out in these situations. You can still stick to the indicator wires from the wires, and they, in turn, glued to the restored tracks of the train.
If the departed train on a calculator, glue it, just put it on contacts and propadu iron through paper. But it is better to practice on a cheap calculator to "fill the hand" and not to spoil everything. This method is more appropriate for repair of small office equipment, but not computers and similar mechanisms.