Advice 1: How to repair Flex cable

Flexible multicore cables are widely used in the production of high-tech devices and electronic appliances. Combining static and moving parts of the mechanisms, they are often eager for the places of inflection. To restore such plumes it is possible independently.
How to repair Flex cable
You will need
  • school microscope;
  • thin solid insulating plate;
  • - tweezers;
  • glue "Moment";
  • - pliers;
  • - bow rosin;
  • - alcohol;
  • - soldering iron with a capacity of 10 – 15 Watt;
  • - a scalpel;
  • - lacquered wire with a diameter of 0.15 mm;
  • - low-melting tin solder;
  • - soft brush.
Grind to a powder in a small amount of rosin and dissolve it in alcohol, using a ratio of one to six (one part rosin and six parts of alcohol). Glue "Moment" to the insulating plate the damaged section of cable and put this link under a school microscope.
With a scalpel carefully remove the top insulation layer with conductive paths around damaged area at a distance of 1.5 mm from the cliff. Apply with a soft brush a little of the alcoholic solution of rosin on cleaned from isolation paths. Tap this area of the plume is well tinned, with a minimal amount of solder, heated by a soldering iron.
Clean carefully with a scalpel from the nail wire diameter of 0.15 mm and a brush, apply the alcohol solution of rosin. Will saladita wire at a distance of 15 – 25 mm from the edge and carefully solder it to the first, the edge of the train damaged the track. Between connecting parts of the damaged area, lift the middle of the wires 1.5 mm above the plume.
Bend the section of wire that connects to both sides of the damaged track. Bite the side excess part of the second soldering point. Start soldering the ribbon cable with distant damaged segment.
Splice a loop if the break was at the bend in the area of mobile sites. Use a suitable length, width, and the required number and width of lanes segment of the plume that will be applied to produce the required inserts. Carefully and evenly cut across the plume at its damaged area.
Strip, connect and solder carefully insert each half of the loop. Make sure that the first track of the plume coincided with the first path to the other half. Tape glue "Moment" stack wire on the soldering stations.

Advice 2: How to repair hard disk of laptop

Any hard drive sooner or later fails. At this point it is important to quickly restore the essential files preserved on this medium. When working with the hard drive of mobile computer there are several solutions to the problem.
How to repair hard disk of laptop
You will need
  • - Mount'n'Drive;
  • - бокс SATA-USB.
Quite often a failing hard diskand is associated with the failure of the boot sector. This means that on this device you cannot install the operating system and use it as a primary drive. Try to connect this hard disk as a secondary disk.
The main catch is that mobile computers cannot connect directly two the internal storage. Get an external box that allows you to connect hard diskwith IDE or SATA to a USB port.
Install the hard drive in the box and connect it to the mobile computer. Of course, you'll need another hard diskon which operating system is installed.
Internal drives laptops with SATA interface can be connected to desktop computers. To do this, remove the Winchester from the body of the laptop and remove the carriage. Be sure to remove the mounting slide from the hard disk.
Connect the drive to the motherboard of a desktop computer, using the ribbon cable from the SATA connectors. Turn on the computer. Wait some time until the operating system detects the new drive.
Check out the standard ability to copy information from the hard disk. Extract the files you need and format the device. If the Winchester is not available for work, install the program Mount''n Drive. Start it.
Just right click the icon of the corrupted disk. Select "Mount" and enter any letter drive. Wait for the creation of a new local volume.
Open its contents using Windows Explorer. Remove the important files and disable hard drive. It should be noted that the read speed of a mounted driveand can be very small. Don't waste time copying information that is easy to recover other ways.
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