Find the connector for the IDE cable on the CD - and dvd - it looks like a rectangle with two rows of short pins, a total of 40 pieces. Strictly speaking, IDE — the title is not entirely accurate and in any case, remember the other names of this interface: PATA, EIDE, Parallel ATA. This will help you choose and buy the right cable in the store.
Turn off your computer and unplug the power cord. Before you remove the cover of the system unit, touch the battery to remove static electricity which can damage electronic components of the computer. Remove the side cover of the system unit.
First, locate the IDE connector on the motherboard to which you want to connect loop. On different models fit the IDE connection can be in different place, sometimes this connector is displayed on the side.
Take your IDE ribbon cable. You will see three connectors, one of them at a greater distance from the other two. It was his need to stick in a place to connect on the motherboard. If the connectors on the Board not one, but two, can use any at your discretion.
Connect the IDE ribbon cable to the motherboard. Please note that the pad that surrounds the pin has a small notch. And exactly the same ledge there is on the plastic part of the plume. Turn the loop right-side-up and insert. Do not need to exert great effort - if you try too hard, you can break the motherboard.
Now connect the device that has an IDE connection. In contrast to the new drives and hard drives that are connected by a thin SATA cable and that it is impossible to connect the wrong connectors IDE require care. On the train there is a group of contacts in the form of six pins. They are usually labeled as CS/MA/SL. If you look closely, the two contacts can be closed by a plastic jumper - it is called "jumper".
If you have the ribbon cable will only connect one device, remove the jumper and connect the cable to any of the available connectors to your floppy drive or hard drive. If you have multiple drives and the desired does not work, try another connector.