First of all unpack the contents of the box and pull out the mouse. Note: is there a complete brochure or instructions. So, take the mouse in hand and look carefully. Usually the manufacturer making the battery compartment at the bottom of the mouse, but in rare cases it is located just in the middle. If the compartment is on the bottom, then pry it with something sharp or if there is a "tab", click on it. Insert the batteries and close the lid.
To access the compartment, press on the top part of the mouse body, and then slowly pull. Don't worry: the mouse is not broken, but removed only moving part. Insert the batteries and close the cover, the main thing - do not smash the cloves, which are inserted into the slots on the housing. The basic arrangement of the compartments for the batteries in the mouse considered. If your wireless mouse has no compartment in these two places, then read the instructions supplied. Also the user manual can always be downloaded on the official website of the manufacturer.
In the process of using wireless mouse is sometimes necessary to completely disassemble its case – for example, to dirt or to resolve the problem. Start with the screws. Look carefully at the bottom of the mouse: remove the sticker and legs, because hidden underneath the largest number of screws. Unscrew them and carefully remove the upper part of the body. On some "fancy" mice upper and lower part of the body is connected with a special cable and severing it, will have to bear it in repair. Unscrew all the innards does not make sense, since all the dust would good visible. The screws can be pre-numbered to avoid confusion when assembling the mouse. Back legs can be glued with double sided sticky tape or pre-cleaned and glued with silicone adhesive.