Book a table or even a Banquet room in a restaurant in Vladivostok. To see a list of institutions you can visit Read reviews and comments, check out the menu offered in the restaurants (almost every of them has its own official page on the Internet). There are many positive reviews of the restaurant "eagle nest", located on the top floor of the tallest building in the city. The kind that opens you from the highest point of Vladivostok for a long time will capture your imagination.
To organize a kid's birthday party you will be able to "Clover house", "Caramel", "Daisy" or "Agropark" where specially for children there is a menu. To entertain the children there will be artists and clowns who cooperate with these institutions (although for a fee).
If you are a lover of games and riddles, please go to the page and order for yourself and your friends an exciting adventure. All participants will be offered the role according to script. And the scenarios are very diverse: from the search for a "killer" and a hoard of pirates to "train robbery". To hold this event possible and outdoors, and clubs and even at home, as fancy organizers not to take.
If you can not imagine my life without the sea (which is not surprising as living in a city, in the sea it is impossible not to fall in love), organize in any season, a walk by the sea to spend a birthday on Board. Festive laid table in the wardroom, entertainment, night fireworks over the Bay – all of this you are guaranteed.
Spend a birthday at one of the lodges near the city or on the island of Russian (city of Vladivostok). Banquet, entertainment for every taste and purse, party by the sea – all this will make your and only your holiday truly unforgettable.