The most banal, the most stupid is to bring gifts. Magnets, mugs, badges of the city, its crest, Ussuri tiger. All of these things are sold in book and gift stores. In the tourist area in the city centre, you will find many street stalls that also sell such products.

Since the city is on the coast, it is abound with sellers of marine gifts. They can buy all sorts of shells, corals, costume jewelry nautical theme.

Anywhere you go from buying seafood. They may not be cheaper than in your town, but the freshest. Not the fact that the store from your home you will find such an abundance of scallops, octopus, squid and various fish.

In Primorsky region there is a wonderful plant of alcoholic beverages "Ussuriyskiy balsam". It produces various liqueurs, sweet and bitter, cognac and honey. There are exotic "Antler honey" pantocrine and "Gold Bohai" ginseng, "the Golden horn" with Siberian ginseng and schisandra, Golden Pheasant" with local herbs. They are a good addition to the holiday table and will impress you with a pleasant taste.

In Vladivostok, the huge number of stores of Japanese products. "Megumi" - online shop of Japanese cosmetics. Here it is much cheaper than in other regions of the country.

Once on the Chinese market, do not pass by the grocery stores. Chinese candy, of course, does not compare in taste to the domestic, but rather amuse you. Chocolate, usually soy, and on the composition of the stuffing is better not to think, but they are very interesting taste. For example, there is candy with a taste of boiled corn. Worth to buy sauces and seasonings. They are well in tune with Russian dishes, not spicy, and many have a very unusual taste.

Wander through flea markets. Surely you will find something very interesting that is not in your hometown.

Of course, is to bring good pictures and impressions. Walk around town. It is not just considered a twin city of San Francisco.