Birth certificate

In the hospital at discharge you were given a medical certificate of birth of the child. To go to the registry office for this document and passports of parents should be within one month after birth. Of course, if you for some reason are unable to apply within this period, the certificate you will still be able to get. Over time, however, this procedure can get much more complicated. From the registry office you will be sent to pay the state duty and a few days you will be able to obtain a birth certificate in his hands.
Certificate of paternity establishment

If the parents did not register the marriage, but live together, have to make also the certificate of paternity. Even if you decided to get married after birth, this document will still have to register. But if you are a single mother, don't forget to take help form 025, it is useful for the design of benefits.
Registration to kindergarten

This does not necessarily even wait for the residence of a child. Come with birth certificate and parent's passport, registered in the district to the Department of education. If you're registered in another city and live in a rented apartment, you will need a certificate of actual residence at a particular address, and a certificate from the clinic stating that the child is observed in the area in the area. Hurry up with a place in a kindergarten is in connection with the problem of availability of places in preschool institutions, sometimes a couple days delay may be worth the extra year of waiting or walking in the garden, located far from home.
Registration at place of residence

Before the child could be not to register before reaching the age of 14. It automatically was listed as the place of registration of the mother. Now you need to register at once. Bring pasportistu of the housing Department of the birth certificate of the baby, your passport, document of title to housing. If the owner of the housing is not you, then that person must also be present and give their written consent to the registration. Of course, the rent will immediately increase. But to register elsewhere, for example, the grandmother of the child, it is not always possible. First, the baby is attached to the clinic according to the filing, and secondly, there may be problems with RONO.

It seems to be an optional stamp, but if you need to travel with the child outside the country, if there is no mark on the nationality of the baby, there will be problems. In addition, the citizenship must be furnished, if you are applying for benefits. For registration of citizenship need to go to passport office with a birth certificate, originals and copies of parents ' passports, extract from the house register and a marriage certificate. Here, parents would enter the child in the passports.

Even the smallest patients without this document does not serve, except that vouchers birth certificate, but it is designed only for the first month. The policy can be obtain either in the children's clinic, or at the office of the insurance company. To obtain need to provide the birth certificate of the baby and the passport of one of parents.

If before this card, pension insurance were given in schools and at work, now this document you need to acquire from birth. It is also necessary for the maintenance of the clinic. Please contact the district office of the pension Fund with the statement, passport, and birth certificate of the baby. Usually the social security number issue for 2 weeks.