To register the newly born baby need to go to the passport office belonging to the place of residence of the father or mother. Its staff will require the parents of the following documents are signed and drawn up in the form of a statement from the father or mother, the official statement of accounts and books of house by place of residence, help from the other parent that the baby is not registered at the place of his residence, the original birth certificate of the child (better to take a few copies as they may request), original passports of both parents (it is also better to grab a copy), marriage certificate (not strictly necessary, as parents can not be in it), the statement from the second parent, is also made according to the approved sample, that he had no objection to the registration.
Do not forget that all the above documents (except for passports, birth certificates and marriage certificate) must be pre-certified by the authorized head of the housing Department. Further, this procedure takes about 2-4 days if all documents are collected and are free of errors. Then the employee of the passport should also be stamped on the birth certificate, which confirms the place of residence of the child. It does not need the payment of state fees or other contributions as, in accordance with the approved government order, this procedure is absolutely free. As a result, parents will also receive a certificate about the completed registration of the child and cohabitation with parents.
Under the current after the 2002 legislative provision, the parents of a newborn need to get him not only a birth certificate, registration and insurance, but also to issue citizenship of the newly born baby. Without this documentary evidence, you will not be able to travel with the child abroad and to receive state aid (for example, a certificate for maternity capital). Further, a citizenship will also need to obtain a first passport.
For the procedure of obtaining citizenship must be submitted to the district migration office a signed statement and the parents ' passports and the birth certificate of the baby. Don't forget that the staff of the FMS must carry out this procedure out of turn and on the day of treatment of parents, and then on the back of the birth certificate you will see a stamp.