One of the faults of the manipulator can be damage of microswitches. When such a malfunction, the mouse start to not respond on clicking one of the buttons.

Other kind of physical malfunction is breakage of the wires where they exit the housing of the mouse. It happens in the case that the mouse a lot of use – for example, when working with graphic programs.

Poor performance of the wireless mouse is usually connected with discharged batteries.

If the mouse slows down, that is, periodically for a second or two freezes on the screen, try to reinstall the motherboard drivers, graphics card and monitor. In many cases, one of these actions helps to cope with the problem.

Another reason for the freezes of the mouse may be a bad graphics card cooling, check if it works mounted on it a fan and how clean the radiator. If the radiator in dust, clean it. Of course, this should be done when the computer is off.

The reason for the poor performance of the optical mouse may be defective Mat. Try experimenting with different surfaces, often unable to find a suitable alternative.

One of the reasons of occurrence of problems with the mouse may be a viral infection of your computer. Update database your antivirus and completely scan the system. Configure the antivirus program on a daily and better hourly update, it will save you from many troubles.

In that case, if the cause of incorrect operation of the mouse cannot be found, try to boot with any Live CD. If the problem with the mouse disappears, then the fault lies not in hardware, and operating system. If you find a fault fails, reinstall OS in update mode. This reinstallation will not affect your files, programs and settings, but will update parts of the OS.