You will need
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Iron paper clip
  • Clippers
  • The source of the fire (stove, lighter)
If your mouse broken part of the axis of the wheel, the symptoms of such a failure is the following - you spin the wheel, but on the computer screen is not displayed. To resolve this breakage Unscrew all the screws on the housing of the mouse. Open the mouse. Remove the wheel and a broken pin. Next, take an iron paper clip. Straighten it. Then fold in half and twist the ends along the entire length. Measure on the resulting structure, the length of the broken part of the axis, adding a few millimeters in order to be able to engineer a paperclip into the wheel. Excess obconica clippers. Clamp the point of bending the staples with pliers and hold it by the ends to the fire. Wait until the paper clip should be red hot. Now quickly vplate clip to the mouse wheel in the place where was the axis. After your design is cured, slide the wheel into place. Roll the wheel to verify if scrolls the clip mechanism inside the mouse. If not scrolls, paste in the place where the mechanism touches the paper clip another small piece of wire with a length of about five millimeters. Now the mechanism should work. Assemble the housing, Zaventem it with screws. Mouse repaired.
Another common failure - the wheel scrolls the page to the screen, but not smoothly, as expected, but jumps up and down. In this case, it is likely that your mouse came loose in the scrolling mechanism. To fix, Unscrew and open the housing of the mouse. You will see a wheel, inserted into a special mechanism that is responsible for scrolling pages on the screen. Gently with pliers pre-load housing of this mechanism. But look do not overdo it. If too much preload, the wheel can appear to stop spinning or just breaks the scrolling mechanism. Once you have drawn the body of the machine, rotate the wheel. If everything is working properly, collect the mouse body.