First check the wire connecting the mouse to the computer and make sure that the ports on the computer are in good condition. Turn over the mouse and check if the optical connector objects. Clean the mouse if required and test it. Also, if you have a wireless mouse model, the fault can be caused by low batteries or weak signal devices, in this case, connect the mouse through the port that remote from it at the minimum distance.Also the problem of wireless pointing devices – their simultaneous use with USB modems. The signal of one device can interfere with the smooth operation of the other, often at the same time the mouse cursor either disappears for a short time, or just freezes and does not respond to manipulation of the mouse. In this case, it is best to connect devices via ports on different sides of the computer also do not keep mobile phone close to the adapter the mouse.If you have a laptop, check to see if the cursor disappears, if you use this device as main. To do this you assign it in the control panel priority in the use and unplug the mouse. If the problem remains, so the whole thing in software. In this case, perform a full scan of your computer for viruses and reinstall the software of the motherboard. Follow also reinstalling the USB 2.0 driver.If you have a desktop computer, be sure to connect the device try to change ports it is connected, and reboot the system. If there is such opportunity, to the connection port of the computer mouse, connect the other device connected in the same way. If in his work, as will be apparent malfunction, the problem is likely connected with the USB interface or PS/2 depending on the type of mouse. Reinstall in this case, the driver of the motherboard.