Dirt and dust gets into the best ball mouse, falling under the roller. The cursor starts to twitch at the movement, and may not move in some direction. It is therefore very important to use a Mat to ensure that it does not accumulate dust.
Disconnect the positioner from a PC, but only when you turn off the system unit. The mouse body can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a small amount of liquid soap. But do not try to wash the mouse under running water. However, the housing after disassembly of the optical (namely optical) mouse, you can a good wash. Just mechanical mouse also has a chip inside it which is not always easy to remove from the body.
Take the small Phillips screwdriver and Unscrew the small screw located in the recess on the bottom of the housing of the manipulator. Usually the housing consists of two parts. From the side of the screw may also be a small latch. Carefully split the housing, without any special effort.
If the mouse is optical, you need to carefully wipe with a glowing red "eye" in its lower part by a match with cotton wool or q-tips. You can also use a can of compressed air. Carefully remove from the housing of the optical mouse a great chip and loose plastic parts from dust, dirt and hair (fur). Have a ball mouse, remove the ball covered with rubber, wash it with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. Pay special attention to your mouse wheel and its mountings. There is also often accumulates dirt.
For mechanical dirt removal, it is better not to use a knife or razor, take a small plastic scraper. Carefully scrape off the dirt with it, where possible.
Having dealt with the dust and adhering dirt, remove with rotating parts of the manipulator fat. This can be done with a soft lint-free cloth soaked with alcohol. Also rubbing alcohol all inside of the mouse to the longer dust does not accumulate.
Now you can collect the mouse. Place the chip (wheel) back and close the case. See not pinch off the wire. Tighten the screw and consider that the mouse cleaned.