You will need
  • The computer wireless mouse.
Of course, wireless mouse, even a new invention, but not all of it is as good as many people think about it. If to speak about the level of the transmitting signal, sure, everyone already knows that the signal is only transmitted on the wire. The weight of the mouse with a radio transmitter and set of batteries is much higher than the wired mouse. If weight increases, then turning the mouse will decrease, and in games where you need to react quickly to the movement of the enemy is a big minus.
Connecting the wireless mouse is only slightly different from the same action only for the usual wired mouse. The only difference is the extra drivers for most models wired manipulators are not needed, and an additional device requiring a usb port.
The driver or software is better to put immediately before the mouse is connected. Usually the drivers come on CD or miniCD-ROM. When installing do not try to change the settings of the installer, i.e. the directory of the unpacked driver, etc. Can make amendments only in case when you do not the first time or you already have experience in this matter. After the installation of the device driver, you must restart the computer, let many drivers already do not require this stability from restarting the computer will not decrease.
The next step after driver installation the device will be a mouse. Initially, you must connect the transmitter into a usb port. After the transmitter is activated the mouse: inserted the batteries and the switch is in the On position. In most models, this switch is no, it all depends on the manufacturer of the device. This switch can save energy of the batteries if the mouse is off in a period of inactivity. You can now use your mouse.