You will need
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - medical gloves.
Remove the plug from the mouse connector on your computer. In any case, do not attempt to disassemble the included mouse! Otherwise you risk to spoil not only her, but your computer.
Carefully inspect the entire body of your optical mouse. Try to see if you can disassemble your device without breaching the hull. If your mouse disposable, then open it will have by cutting the plastic housing. To do this, use a knife with a thick and wide blade.
Try to cut the plastic lines or the grooves. This will make the cut with the lowest cost, and also make the opening mark for reassembly virtually invisible.
Remove mouse all special weights, which are used to impart the desired weight. To do this, open a special unit and pull out the plastic boxes with metal weights.
If the mouse works on wireless technology, remove the batteries or the batteries.
Look on the back side of all the plugs under the bolts. Unscrew them with a screwdriver of the right size. The location of each screw, write down or mark, to avoid confusion when reassembling.
A screwdriver with a plastic or rubber blade open all the latches holding the top and bottom of the mouse body. Do not use a regular screwdriver as it may scratch the fragile plastic of the case.
Open the case and disconnect the top part from the bottom. Proceed gently and carefully so as not to accidentally break the wire, which can be inside.
Inside the case, locate the chip, remove the bolts that hold it. Then gently pull the chip out of the recess. Remove all the extra buttons.
Perform Assembly in reverse order.