Therapy of psoriasis is based on improving the quality of life of the patient. With a properly selected drug treatment to achieve getting rid of the symptoms of the disease or reduce its intensity of exacerbations. For the treatment of cutaneous manifestations of psoriasis are assigned to glucocorticosteroid money. Among the most popular drugs in this group can be identified "Betamethasone", "Fluocinolone", "Triamcinolone". With the help of medication to stop the inflammatory process at the time of the exacerbation, reduce the intensity of local autoimmune reactions. After the application of these tools in place psoriatic lesions there is a decrease in peeling. It should be noted that it is impossible to receive corticosteroids for a long period of time because they are addictive.
If necessary, further therapy psoriasis apply "Calcipotriol", which allows to achieve anti-inflammatory effect. This tool is most often assigned, along with corticosteroids and drugs based on salicylic acid for best effect and as quickly get rid of the symptoms.
In psoriasis treatment of moderate and severe degrees may be additionally assigned funds for ingestion or the injection. Among the most effective immunosuppressants allocate "Thymodepressin", "Basiliximab", "Methotrexate", "Acitretin", "Cyclosporine" and "Simulect". When you are assigning therapy, the doctor should evaluate the patient's condition and determine the most appropriate treatment and the appropriate dosage given the course of the disease, the level of toxicity of drugs and the health status of the patient. These tools have a wide range of adverse reactions, and therefore are appointed only if required systemic therapy.
While medication controls the blood composition of the patient through regular completion of required tests. If psoriatic of education in the process of exacerbation has been further affected by the infection, perhaps the appointment of antibacterial agents.
When addictive patient applied types of treatment, the doctor needs to review the therapy and to prescribe alternative drugs. During the treatment the patient is advised to avoid various stress, stop Smoking and drinking. The specialist may be assigned to the diet that in the period of exacerbation should be strictly adhered to. In severe forms of psoriasis patient happens shown therapy ultraviolet rays, which can be carried out both locally and with the impact on the whole body.