In the world there are three degrees of protection points:

Cosmetics – they are not able to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

General protection from this type of points are much higher than in the first embodiment.

Hi HC-protekshen - the most high and reliable degree.

It should be noted that many branded stores put on the glasses marked "General protection", which indicates its low level. These glasses will protect your eyes from the scorching sun in hot countries. They are fit only as a fashion accessory.

This season is very popular brand different models, ranging from aviators to simple classics. The hallmark of this summer's model is a "facial on the floor".

Also, do not overlook the color points, which play an important role when creating the image. The most fashionable colors 2016 - black, brown and white. Today stylists recommend lens model in the style of the gradient. The rim model can be absolutely any, clear part no. Special attention deserves the hit this season - 3D frame with different patterns, such as floral or rhinestone. It is possible to look for glasses with décor on the temples. By the way, the glasses form "cat's eye" is still in demand this season.

When you buy glasses considerable role is played by the shape of the face. For example, the ladies, who by nature is endowed with round lines, ideal points form a rectangle. Ladies with long faces can give preference to round points. The basic principle here is that the shape of the face can be visually distinguished from the forms of points. Also fashionable step will be the selection of glasses in accordance with the color of the hair. For example, blondes winning options are white, red or brown frames, but the brown-haired and redhead will look very harmoniously in blue or purple themes tones. The exception to this rule are black-haired by nature girls are all shades.

However, despite all the rules of stylists, you should remember one small detail - the selection of glasses should be an individual choice. Comfort and health in this case, in priority, than the fashion and style. Also, each lady can be a gradation of points.