Advice 1: What type of glasses suit a long face

Face shape is the highlight, which can make a woman unique. The main thing is to balance the traits, so that they were an advantage, not a disadvantage. To become stylish and self-confident, is to choose the right glasses for an elongated face. Please note that you have two objectives – to shorten the oval and at the same time to expand it.
What type of glasses suit a long face

Looks like an elongated face

An elongated outline is very close to the classic oval. That's just the chin have long faces more acute, and the forehead narrower. If you do not find the harmonious form of the rim, the features can give the face a lean expression.

Have an elongated oval, usually sunken cheeks and a sloping line of head. On the one hand, it looks sophisticated. On the other – can give the girl a haggard look.

Recommendations on the choice of accessory

Choosing glasses for elongated face, have a preference for bright models with a massive frame. This frame will soften sharp features, giving them a more feminine feel.

The owners of such appearance must be taken care of to sunglasses completely covered their eyebrows. If left eyebrow open, a person will puzzled expression that makes a face funny.

To "flatten" the elongated oval top and bottom, you should choose glasses that are wider than the face itself. This model simultaneously visually expand the cheekbones and cover beveled whiskey.

Have long faces, there is one distinct advantage – it is "sitting" now fashionable round sunglasses. This model is called "nerd", "the cat Basilio", "glasses for the blind". Their loves lady Gaga because they are stylish and perfectly covering her thin features.

Sunglasses for long faces give almost unlimited scope for the imagination. The owners of such features are very wide and low double jumpers, thick arms, decorated with ornaments or gems. Also, on a slender face look huge glasses butterfly, Aviator and "drops".

Also, welcome massive bright rim of plastic and metal. No need to hesitate to show imagination. Girls with long face can wear glasses of unusual colors. The main thing that the decoration was concentrated on the outer edges of the frames at the temples. Also a good solution will be a straight top line rim, decorated with rhinestones.

You should avoid

Girls with elongated oval do not buy narrow glasses with a thin rim or even without it. Thin jumper features make inharmonious, and if, moreover, it is too high, it will draw even more face.

Also do not go to extruded features glasses, the rim of which is equal to the width of the face and opens the whiskey.

Advice 2: How to choose the correct glasses

Despite the fact that now there are many methods of vision correction, eyeglasses have not lost their popularity. Their selection is quite large. But everywhere there you can buy glasses? You should pay special attention to? It depends on what exactly you need glasses.
Glasses should match the type of appearance
The selection of glasses for vision correction start with a visit to the ophthalmologist. Do not rely on the fact that the optical store you can check vision. Specialists desired profile. In addition, you also can not carry in the store his medical records in which are written all the features of your view. The doctor will determine whether you need glasses and measure the distance between the pupils. It will all be written in the recipe.
Decide which lens is right for you. Many of the usual ordinary glass, but with a strong myopia, they can be very heavy. In addition, the eye they seem much smaller than it really is, and rim to match it more difficult. But the optics can be plastic or glass lenses light weight. Usually in the accompanying documentation indicates the refractive index. The higher it is, the less will be the thickness of the glass, giving the same correction. Better if the index is greater than 1.6.
Ask whether the plastic lens surface hardening coating. Most often it is, but to make sure does not interfere. Very useful and antireflection coating. It improves light transmission of the lens and significantly. The lenses are coated with a less eye fatigue. This is particularly important under heavy loads.
Select the rim. The rims that are entirely made of resin, the nose pads are usually fixed. It's not always convenient. Pay special attention to not squeezing the bridge of his nose. Metal rims give preference to soft nose pads. As a rule, they are made from silicone and attached with screws that allows to put them in a comfortable position.
Note the ear pieces. They should not be too long or too short. In the first case, the glasses will slide in the second – you will not be able to wear them at all. Ear pieces don't have anything to push. If they squeeze whiskey, you will very quickly be tired.
Several meet your needs and sizes of frames, select the one that you like more and other beautiful looks on your face. New glasses you should feel the person is not only seeing well, but also elegant.
Plastic lenses are easier than glass, but harder to maintain. They are more prone to mechanical damage.

Do not buy goggles with it, unless it is absolutely necessary. Not worth it to buy them and the first Hawker.
Useful advice
Cheap metal rim can cause allergies. As a rule, in shops all goods are certified and the frames are made of durable materials, the relevant safety requirements.

If your funds are limited, and you don't know what to prefer expensive high-quality lenses in a simple frame, or Vice versa – choose the first one. You can choose among the cheap rims are decent, but if you make a mistake in choosing glasses, you can not avoid trouble.
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