As in any other season, today popular are classic eyeglasses. This is an elegant solution for every day, which are fashionable for many years. For example, is now in demand horn rim retro style. Massive points are slightly distinguished by the elegance and brevity. Their shape may be rectangular or trapezoidal, so everyone can choose for themselves the best option.
This year, current and vintage, which at the height of fashion are frames in the shape of a cat's eye. These glasses were loved in 50-60 years, their distinctive feature is the elongated and slightly up-tilted external area. Vintage eyeglasses designers are made of lightweight plastic material, preferably light shades. Popular with fashionistas and printed glasses in the shape of cat's eye.
Add in the chic way is to purchase eyeglasses form "Dragonfly". It should be a bright decision with ornaments, intricate patterns. Favorites of the season are glasses with black rims. It is a peaceful options for each day that is appropriate to wear in the office, and to the party.
To combine aesthetics and functionality today can by glasses with metal frames. These corrective glasses are characterized by durability, you can often find on sale combined models of light plastic and metal, for example, aluminum. Moreover they are represented in the collections of glasses and sunglasses lines. More durable are models of a titanium alloy, they are less susceptible to mechanical damage.
With myopia experts recommend to pay attention to the big rims, they will help to avoid imbalances of the face. And Vice versa – glasses given can be miniature, narrow. Consider how large is the face. For a small face will not fit a too heavy frame, and large – small.
Fashion trends today are not different from the General rules of the selection of frames based on the face types. So, when a round face is better to buy a rectangular frame. And when square face shape should give preference to rounded model, this will make the oval of the face more harmonious. Shape "heart" transform points"droplets" or "Aviators" as they are called. A good choice would be light and not too wide rim. For owners of classic oval face shape are suitable for almost all models, from trendy to elegant official and strict points.