Actually not so easy to choose the perfect option, as the choice depends on the shape of the face. If the form is successfully matched, it can be assumed that the style already has a 50% success rate. It is therefore very important to give this accessory attention. The main thing – not to hurry when choosing to after not regret the purchase.

Points drops"

Are a universal form that is suitable for both male and female. This form is well suited for the glamorous style and perfectly combined with leather attributes. In addition, the glass for this frame are selected carefully just what will protect the eyes from strong light and is not so to irritate them.

Glasses in the style of "John Lennon", round

Suitable for people with an unusual appearance. Most often, this option selects the informal youth or the hippie, eager to show all the power of his creative approach and spirit.


The representativeness and rigor are the main friends of this form. As a rule, the fashion experts recommend the use of this form to the small size of the eye.

The festive variant

If the event involves the creation of a special style, it is best to choose a vivid frame that will serve as a bright spot in image fashionista or fashionistas.

Glasses are one of the main attributes maintain style. Improperly selected glasses can ruin the whole concept of the chosen style, visual round, to increase the shape of the face, which is extremely undesirable, if the shape of the face is no different the correct proportions.

It should also be noted that the accessory is always considered appropriate if it is accompanied by weather. Perhaps this is the only condition that dictates their use. In inclement weather, this accessory will extremely inappropriate, but it is always possible to replace glasses with conventional lenses, which will give the style extra seriousness and consistency.

In any case, clothing and accessories should always be appropriate and suitable to the occasion. The constant search of the optimal variant will help to expand the boundaries and, probably, to find the most successful combination.