If you have a classic oval face, you fit almost any shape of glasses. Very interesting to look model with a wide frame. If you have long hair, round glasses is just what you need.
For women with round faces need to choose such points that would visually lengthen your shape. You fit accessories with an oval rim and a slightly pointed outer edges.
The owners of the oval face fit large sunglasses with oval frame and bright decorative elements. It is desirable that the jumper on the bridge was low.
Girls with square face suitable glasses rounded, but in any case not oval shape. If you have wide cheekbones, choose a frame that would be a little beyond the contours of the face.
Pay attention also to the rest of the person. For example, if you have a large forehead choose the glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose.
If massive chin, choose glasses with thin oval frames.
Having a small nose, choose a frame with a raised lintel. And for the person with the big nose will fit glasses with a low bridge and a rim of dark color.
Remember that the points should not completely close the line of the eyebrows, as in this case, your face will lose its individuality.
Look at the color of the rims, it should harmonize with the color of your skin, hair and clothing style. For example, for dark-haired women are recommended glasses with dark red or brown frame. But on the face of the blonde will look great with Golden or silver frame. If you are burning brunette, you suit black with gold rim. For women with red and blonde hair will suit all shades of bronze or copper color.
When choosing glasses, be sure to look in the mirror. Do not immediately remove the selected points, swipe them a few minutes in front of a mirror and you'll notice that not too tight if you frame, if not pushing glasses on the bridge of his nose. Remember that sunglasses should be not only beautiful but also convenient in everyday use.