Rims can be made of different materials, different textures and colors, different shapes — think what your type of appearance, and which socket is best to emphasize your strengths.
Frame color must be suitable to the color of your skin and hair. Determine warm or cool colors predominate in your appearance. Bluish and pinkish skin belongs to the cold shades, and gold, peach and tanned skin — the warm shades. For a warm skin tone and hair are well suited frame brown-Golden tones. Also for this type of appearance is well suited metal frames and eyeglasses of different bright colors. For light skin choose cool colors of frames, white metal, grey, silver, muted colors. White skin combined with blond hair is the perfect accompaniment with metal frame and copper shade. The brown-haired woman with dark skin, well suited light metal frame or dark brown rim.
It is not recommended to wear glasses with gold rims — gold glitter rarely comes to any appearance, especially ginger hair and hair reddish shades. If you have such a hair color, get plastic or metal rim green shades. For black hair you can use any metal rims, and rims in black.
Also an important aspect of rim is the material. If you are prescribed glasses with thick negative lenses choose a plastic frame, which will smooth the edge of the thick glass. The titanium frames are more expensive, but they are light, aesthetic and durable.
Always try on frames in front of the mirror at the optician until you find the settingthat works best for your face and for your body type. The rim should not be too narrow or too wide — it should be commensurate with the shape of your face, and at the same time, to emphasize its silhouette. Don't choose too large a frame — this will trigger the appearance of optical distortion in lenses.
The size of the lenses in the frame should be average, do not restrict peripheral vision. Frame width must not exceed the width of the cheekbones and the frame should not press on the nose and ears, and its top should not be above the eyebrow line. In order that the frame is sitting firmly on the face and not slipping, it can adjust the optical workshop in the salon.
A well-chosen frame can correct the shortcomings of the oval of the face. For round face the invalid frames with round lenses. Such a person corrects elongated and angular rims with a small height but large width.
For oval face will suit any frame; if the face is too narrow, the width of the glasses may be slightly more than the width of the cheekbones. Triangular face well emphasize semi-rimless eyeglasses. A square face shape can be smoothed by using a spectacle frame with soft and rounded contours.