Why is the sequel coming out almost ten years

The first part sci-Fi Thriller "I robot" was nominated for "Oscar" for best visual effects, and though the film never received the coveted Golden statuette, he had a great influence on the development of the genre of science fiction in film and earned high praise from both critics and ordinary viewers.

The second part is not been able to release more than ten years, may be because the original script was based on his own finished work of Isaac Asimov's "Three laws of robotics" and the famous writer did not agree to entrust the writing continue to another person. In the end, Asimov himself wrote the script in collaboration with a famous Hollywood writer Ronald D. Moore.
The movie trailer is not out and General information about the project is extremely small, but it is already known that the main role in it will play will Smith. Start shooting the creators are planning this summer, they will be held in California.

Announced that the film will be released in the summer of 2015 years, but you can't say a hundred percent.

What to expect from the new sci-Fi Thriller

Of course, the creators of the film expect first, profit: the first part of "I robot" has brought its creators a huge profit. With a budget of about a hundred and twenty million, the film grossed three hundred and fifty million dollars worldwide. Critics also have high hopes for the creators of the picture, because currently, the genre of science fiction is in crisis and a shortage of bright, talented blockbusters.

As for the viewer, then, of course, he wants to see action fantasy action connected with pure science fiction, which is the brightest representative Isaac Asimov. During the time elapsed since the beginning of the release of the first part, the cinema has gained a lot of modern technical means to make fiction truly beautiful and spectacular.
Numerous admirers of talent of one of the best Hollywood actors will Smith will be happy to see your pet on the screen in the role of detective del Spooner who once brought him international fame.
Film company Twentieth Century Fox Film, who undertook the creation of the second part fall into one of the six biggest film companies of America and is famous for cautious and selective attitude to their projects. So there's no reason to think that the second part will not repeat the success of the first. So looking forward to the release of the trailer of the film.