Delayed onset muscle soreness is the term which is called post-workout muscle pain that occurs the next day or after another one. Another of its name – a syndrome of muscle pain. Syndrome, because it decreases immediately, but in the next few days, and even better – after a few good workouts. But about all under the order.

What does delayed onset muscle soreness? Among the coaches and regulars gyms are of the opinion that it is due to the fact that lactic acid accumulates in the muscles during training and later starts to irritate the muscle receptors. But more reliable still is the fact that during the first workouts on the muscles, microscopic tears occur in muscle fibers. It's not scary and not fatal, but quite painful.

No wonder the delayed onset muscle soreness or fear it. This is a normal reaction of the human organism to new stimuli, which in such situations appear in very large quantities. So, if the muscles are sore in the morning, it means one thing - the last exercise was a success. But that's not worth constantly work in the hall on a wear. It is fraught with consequences, such as muscle tears. Also the program should be changed every 2 months to give a jolt accustomed to the varying load of the muscles.

Well, in order to the sensation of delayed onset muscle soreness was less painful and faster passed, you should take note of a few facts. First, compulsory pre-workout warm-up because muscles work best when heated. Secondly, all the weight training, which are used, should increase gradually. You can't do exercises with more weight, this may cause some difficulties in the future. Well, and thirdly, always, no matter how great the fatigue, you must do the stretching for all muscle groups. This applies to both men and women.

Well, if it really happened that unpleasant pain is not gone, you can try to relieve muscle tension with a cold shower, often to conduct a little exercise with a moderate load, as this will increase blood circulation. You can treat yourself to a bath with essential oils, which, of course, is more suitable for the female half of the population. To the places where pain is felt the most, you can put cold compresses, but if the pain is impossible to bear it, take ibuprofen or any other painkillers.