You will need
  • knife, axe, handsaw or chainsaw;
  • - a solution of copper sulfate;
  • - garden options;
  • - mullein and clay;
  • - nigral, resin, ash, and wax;
  • - hard brush;
Remove the mushroom. If he already has woody, take a big knife, hacksaw, axe or even a chainsaw. Have to demolish and healthy wood, but the tinder should be removed completely, to bare.
Clean the wound with a knife or scraper to healthy wood to make a relatively smooth and level surface.
Disinfect the wound. To do this, take a 5-percent solution of copper sulfate or creosote, and clean the hole. Then carefully apply the place. Can make it oil paint or garden pitch. And can take nigral, resin, ash and wax in the ratio 10:6:3:1, mix and cover the wound.
There is another (old) version of the wound treatment. Knead the putty with fresh mullein and clay, taking components in equal parts. Give everything a good stir. 5 liters of a mixture (half a bucket), add 0.5 liters of the prepared solution of copper sulphate (3%). RUB the damaged area with the mixture.
Can you handle the means which has prepared for putty wounds, all the plots of the tree – the trunk and branches (only first dilute it with water, the excess thickness is not required). The fact that you might not notice immediately spread of the fungus-polypore around the sapling, and such preventive measures will warn its germination.
However, just apply the crust is not enough. You must first prepare the surface. To do this, take a stiff brush (if the tree is old, and the bark on it is thick, you can use a metal brush or even a piece of mesh, netting) and clean off the trunk and branches of old bark (without fanaticism, only the top, as if dead, layer). After that, you can continue processing.
Don't forget after all the work to shovel a rake from under the old Apple-tree bark, and fragments of the fungus-tinder and burned at the stake. This needs to be done in order to destroy the cocoons and eggs of various pests, as well as the hyphae (cells) of the fungus.