This disease is by nature divided into two types: depressive (melancholia) and bipolar affective disorder (BAR). They differ in that for the second characteristic of manic syndromes. The cause of this disease is unknown.

Signs of depressive disorders considered such factors as: depressed mood, lethargy, constant sadness, heaviness or pain in the heart and head. Patients see everything in a gloomy light, too close to perceived past wrongs.

All day these people monotonous. They almost do not move and are in the same situation, with no desire to do anything. If you have suicidal thoughts, it is possible to ascertain the extreme severity of depression. It is also possible the observation of decrease in memory, slowing of speech. Bipolar disorder is accompanied by elevated mood, extreme commitment to work, cheerfulness, good spirits, tidal forces. It can develop into schizophrenia, epilepsy and many other mental illnesses. During mania, there is improvement in intellectual abilities, hypermnesia (worsening memory), horse racing ideas. For complex variant can develop hallucinations, hypochondriacal delusions, suicidal tendencies.