You will need
  • Computer, Internet access.
Before you consider unblocking the account, you should talk about the possible causes of blocking. So a lock can be imposed in the case if you are a long time did not use the account (email services), if you repeatedly enter an incorrect password, and in that situation, if you break the rules of using a particular service. In the first two cases, unlocking the account will not take much time, but in the latter case, you have pretty string up to the account record was activated again.
Unlock account blocked for "password guessing" or long "simple". In such cases, it is sufficient to use the password recovery system. Once in this section, the user needs to enter the codeword (secret answer). After these steps, the mail address will be sent a new password or automatically sign in. If the account record was locked for breaking the rules, its recovery will be more difficult.
Unlock account blocked for violation of the rules. In this situation you will need to send a letter to the administration of the site on which your account was blocked. In this letter you should by all truths and untruths to prove that over on your side of the violations will not happen again and you realized your mistake. The main thing is to be as polite and correct. In most cases, such appeals have a positive outcome.