This year, in terms of jewelry, especially earrings, come back into fashion trends of the 80-ies of the last century, when it was very popular wearing one large earring. This accessory will not fit very short asymmetrical haircut. If you want to look extraordinary, you can purchase two different earrings, but they also need to be very large sizes. In your fashion Arsenal of accessories have to be earrings in the shape of a lemon or orange, they will be the perfect accompaniment with a light summer dress, sewn from natural fabrics. Gradually, in the fashion of the clips start to come back, especially in 2016 the popularity of these accessories in the form of some animals.

In 2016 in the fashion gradually begin to return the brooch, and they can be as individual decorations, and to serve as a fixative for belt or any other accessory or item of dress. It is best to choose brooches in the shape of leaves or geometric shapes. If you like to wear necklaces, but this year it is best to buy this accessory, designed in an African style. They are very picturesque, multi-coloured and multi-layered, and it will help you to enhance the beauty and femininity of your neck. Also in this respect, it is possible to give preference to such necklaces, which are made in the form of flowers or fruit.

Bracelets — the moves, relevant and popular decoration this year. Its never enough, and it is very difficult to overdo it so experiment boldly. This year it is best to choose large and massive bracelets, and wear them not one for each hand, but several at once. This year especially popular are furs, so you can purchase several of the bracelets made of natural fur. You can also buy several plastic bracelets and accessories encrusted with faux pearls.

All that was written above applies to the rings, which this year also should have large dimensions. You can wear several rings on one finger, and it will look very elegant and unusual.