At the moment there are 2 main varieties futbegu.

Freestyle footbag is a solo sport: during the competition, the player performs a show consisting of different combinations with the bag. Judges evaluated choreography, variety and complexity of combinations, sense of rhythm and dexterity of the player.

Netham footbag is a team sport: the team players feet throws a ball over a 1.5 meter grid. This game is a mixture of tennis and volleyball. To play, use a small misshapen ball of materials of suede or imitation leather, filled with any substance, whether salt, sand, granules of plastic and other fillers.

What is the benefit of this sport?

Playing footbag promotes the coordination and fast reactions, develops the leg muscles, improves General physical condition of the body, normalizes breathing, leads to improved blood circulation. This fun game not only interesting and entertaining, but also beneficial to the whole organism.

How to start?

You can start to engage in self-futbolom. Now available a lot of materials for learning. Ball games can be bought in a specialty shop or sew yourself. Clothing should choose comfortable does not restrict movement when playing. For playing futrega very important to choose the right shoes. It needs to be, first and foremost, light and have a wide toe box and a wide inner part of the foot – this will provide ease of movement and makes it easier to catch the ball. Having learned a number of tricks and reaching a certain skill, you can take part in competitions which are held annually in different cities.

Not to be confused footbag with SOCOM. SOx has become popular in our country in 90-e years, while the footbag became known at the beginning of the two thousandth. SOx is very similar to the footbag, but, in fact, it is not a sport. SOx is a game without clear rules, a system sudeste and do not require some training. A group of people standing in a circle, just uses a little between the ball and enjoy the game. Footbag is a recognized sport and has a number of clear rules.