Advice 1: The most popular sports in America

In connection with the growing promotion of healthy lifestyles, Americans began to pay more attention to the sport. In the US there are 5 popular sports which attract more than 70% of Americans.

Football and hockey - in America almost as in Russia

The most popular Russian sports are football and ice hockey are common in America. The games of the National hockey League (NHL) broadcast on all major TV channels and always gather crowds of fans. Almost all of the League teams have mascots mascots in animal form. For example, the mascot of the team "Vancouver Canucks" - whale fin, the team "calgary flames" - dog Harvey, and the team "Florida Panthers" Panther Stanley si.

Football in the US not so popular as in Russia. It is widespread mainly among student teams. State residents call this game "soccer" to distinguish from another kind of football, American.
In the US, many are fans of a particular team or even one player. Fans often gather in their favorite pubs to watch sports competitions.

Basketball is a sport of blacks

Basketball was invented in the United States, and the States now ranks first on the popularity of this game. Basketball is often played by African Americans - they were higher and more nimble than the Europeans, therefore, have made significant progress. Besides, for a long time, the sport was the sole occupation for African-Americans, allowing them to earn enough. The national basketball organization, the NBA is famous for its massive tournaments, one of the most prestigious in the world.

Baseball - the symbol of the United States

Almost any movie or TV series telling about the lives of Americans, you can see episodes of the game of baseball. This is truly a national passion. Baseball parents play with their children, students after school, students in physical education and serving on corporate picnics. Baseball is similar to the Russian rounders - it also used balls, bats and long runs to the opposite side of the field. However, it is much more popular this sport professionally are engaged not only in USA but also in Europe.
Popular among Amateur softball - a softer version of baseball, with the smaller dimensions of the ball and the field.

American football is one of the toughest sports

American football originated by the connection of Rugby and European football. The aim of the game is to move the ball to the end of a particular zone or in the opponent's goal. The ball can be worn in hand or pass to other players. Kicks are allowed only in special cases. American football - very traumatic sport. During the game, resolved power moves and sweeps against rivals, so players wear protective equipment.

Advice 2: Top 10 most popular foreign TV series

Time soap operas in the style of "Santa Barbara" is long gone, replaced by the era of high-quality and high-budget TV series of foreign production, which differ tightly spun story, spectacular special effects and decent acting. Today there are many different series, so to choose the best sometimes it is very difficult. To solve this problem will help the ranking of the most popular foreign TV series.
Top 10 most popular foreign TV series

No. 10. Dexter (Dexter)

The TV series "Dexter" tells the story of a serial killer named Dexter Morgan. At the age of 3 years he witnessed the brutal killings of his mother. Then Dexter was adopted by police officer Harry Morgan, who was able to recognize the violent tendencies of the child and taught him to channel his aggression in the right direction – to kill only those who, in his opinion, deserve death, criminals who for some reason were able to avoid criminal punishment. Dexter works as a forensic scientist in the police Department of the state of Miami. He does not feel the sentiments of the common man - he cannot love, does not understand friendship, not interested in sex, but he is forced to imitate all these emotions, so as not to stand out from the crowd and not draw attention to yourself.

The TV series "Dexter" was based on the novel by Jeffrey Lindsay "the Dormant demon Dexter". The series has 8 seasons, which shows his high popularity, and also won many prestigious awards, including a Golden globe and an Emmy. The series received very mixed reviews from critics – some considered it too immoral and cruel.

No. 9. Shameless (Shameless)

The series "Shameless" is an American remake of the eponymous British TV series. It tells about the life of a dysfunctional family of Tennessee. The father – Frank binge drinker and pathological parasite was thrown his wife, is schizophrenic and was left alone with the six children. Despite the fact that it is a great responsibility for the upbringing of their children, Frank's acting like he owes nothing – spends on drink the last money accumulates debts and bring their children. The responsibility for the family falls on the shoulders of eldest daughter Fiona who has and cares for the young, to look for work, pay bills and do housework.

No. 8. How I met your mother (How I Met Your Mother)

"How I met your mother" is an American Comedy sitcom. At the heart of his story is the story of Ted Mosby who in the year 2030 describes in detail their teenage children about his youth, stories from the lives of his friends and the circumstances under which he met their mother. In each episode of the series the main characters constantly get into absurd and comical situations, make unforgivable gaffes and crazy things.

The sitcom "How I met your mother" has received six Emmys, and also won such awards as "critics' Choice television", "Choice of the year and Teen Choice Awards.

No. 7. Escape (Prison Break)

"Escape" is an American TV series created by Paul Schering. The plot is the story of two brothers, one of which is Lincoln burrows was convicted and sentenced to death on false charges. Michael Scofield wants to save his brother and avenge all who is behind this. To go to jail, Michael arranges a fictitious Bank robbery and carefully thought out escape plan.

The series "prison break" has 4 seasons, which is a total of 80 episodes. This project gained huge popularity all over the world and received a very high rating.

No. 6. Dr. House (House M. D.)

"Dr. house" is an American TV series about the brilliant physician-diagnostician Gregory house. Despite his exceptional professional ability, it is difficult to name a favorite of colleagues and patients. House is a misanthrope peptic ulcer, confident in the fact that lie all around. He is cynical and sullen, harsh in his statements and prone to rebellion. Also due to hip surgery house constantly experiencing severe pain, which helps him only huge doses of potent drugs (vicodin). In other words, house is an addict who knows their addiction, but do not want to get rid of it.

The series "Dr. house" has acquired millions of fans worldwide and has repeatedly been awarded prestigious awards "Emmy" and "Peabody".

No. 5. The big Bang theory (The Big Bang Theory)

"The big Bang theory" is a Comedy sitcom series created by bill Prady and Chuck Lorre. The series tells about the lives of two talented physicists (Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstader), their friends and scientists (Rajesh Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz) and their attractive neighbor on the landing (penny). The genius of young people is a serious obstacle to communication with the opposite sex – they are typical self-contained nerds, which is absolutely not adapted to normal life.

At the moment there is a stream for 7 seasons. The TV series "the big Bang Theory" became a ratings leader on American television.

No. 4. Breaking bad (Breaking Bad)

Breaking bad is an American drama series that tells about the plight of the doctor of chemical Sciences named Walter white, who works as a teacher of chemistry in school. Son of Walter white with cerebral palsy, but his wife is pregnant with an unplanned child, so when he learns that has cancer, decides what any cost to provide his family with finances after his death and embarks on "breaking bad" in the truest sense of the word. Chemistry teacher starts to produce drugs (methamphetamine) for sale, along with his former student Jesse Pinkman.

At the moment the series is over and has 5 seasons and 62 episodes. The project "breaking bad" was repeatedly awarded the "Emmy awards" in such categories as "Best drama series and Best actor in a drama series".

No. 3. Sherlock (Sherlock)

"Sherlock" is a British series, filmed for channel BBS. The plot is based on the works of sir Arthur Conan Doyle on the ingenious detective Sherlock Holmes, however, the action of the series take place in our day. Sherlock Holmes, working in private consulting detective, looking for a roommate and meets with Dr. John Watson, a military doctor, the last war in Afghanistan. Soon in London may start to occur intricate murder and Sherlock and his assistant Watson help the police in solving these crimes.

The project received positive reviews from critics and was nominated for several prestigious awards. In 2011, the series "Sherlock" received a BAFTA award in the category "Best drama series".

No. 2. Friends

"Friends" is a popular American sitcom, tells the story of six young people who simple friends become a real family with its conflicts, mysteries, joys and disappointments. In the first series the viewer is acquainted with all the main characters of the series – daddy's girl Rachel green, chef Monica Geller, Monica's brother, paleontologist Ross Geller, office worker Chandler Bing and its neighbour, a failed actor Joey Tribiani.

The screening of the TV series "Friends" began in 1994 and ended only 10 years later in 2004. In the asset project 1st prize Golden globes and 6 Emmys.

No. 1. Game of thrones (Game of Thrones)

"Game of thrones" is an American drama series in the fantasy genre, loosely based on the works of George R. R. Martin's "a Song of Ice and Fire". Action of the series takes place in a fictional world around the Seven kingdoms located on the continent of Westeros. Peaceful life comes to an end, when begins the fight for the Iron throne and the conflict between the Royal family leads to a bloody war. Because of these events, no one notices the revival of the forces of evil in the North, and while only a wall protects the residents living to the South of it.

The series "Game of thrones" is the most expensive project in the genre of fantasy in the history of American television. All 4 seasons of the series received critical acclaim, despite the overabundance of violent and erotic scenes.

Advice 3: The most popular Russian sports

Russia is a country, cultivating the sport at the state level. Therefore, a large number of sports that are popular in our country are not surprising.
The most popular Russian sports
Without a doubt the most popular sport in Russia is football. Are his millions of fans across the country, and broadcast the key matches of the Russian Championship or the team's performance at world and continental forums to collect television audience of up to 10-15 %, which is almost impossible for any other sport. This is not to mention the fact that football is the only sport able to collect about 90 thousand spectators at the largest stadium in Russia, Luzhniki stadium, which is located in Moscow.

Restricts even more the promotion of football in our country, only the inability to play it in cold weather. For this reason, in the Northern and far Eastern latitudes of Russia football is not so popular. In regions with cold climate is dominated by another sport — hockey.
Hockey is the second most popular sport in the vastness of Russia. Now it is played mostly at indoor venues for maximum convenience of the audience. And even some 40-50 years ago in hockey playing in open stadiums. Often known Soviet players in the summer played ball on the grass, and in winter took a stick, put on your skates and went on ice.

This popularity hockey has a considerable impact on its development. Russia is the organizer of the Continental Hockey League, which gathered the strongest teams in Europe and Asia. At the moment this League is the second most powerful in the world after the North American NHL. During the last lockout, the NHL many of the strongest players the National League has become in the NHL.
In recent years, the most popular single sport in Russia began Boxing. As his popularity he was able to overtake tennis. The latter was incredibly popular in the late twentieth century, however, lost some of their positions.
There are other sports that can collect millions of TV viewers and thousands, and even tens of thousands of spectators in the stadiums. These include volleyball, basketball, athletics and biathlon. The latter, at first glance, surprising to see among the most popular sports in the world ranking, he is not even in the top twenty. However, in reality there is nothing extraordinary in this. Russia is very well suited for ski racing in terms of climate, which is why this sport is so popular in our latitudes.
Considerable popularity in Russia is hockey. Some of the most important games in the Premier League gather up to 30 thousand fans.
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