Football and hockey - in America almost as in Russia

The most popular Russian sports are football and ice hockey are common in America. The games of the National hockey League (NHL) broadcast on all major TV channels and always gather crowds of fans. Almost all of the League teams have mascots mascots in animal form. For example, the mascot of the team "Vancouver Canucks" - whale fin, the team "calgary flames" - dog Harvey, and the team "Florida Panthers" Panther Stanley si.

Football in the US not so popular as in Russia. It is widespread mainly among student teams. State residents call this game "soccer" to distinguish from another kind of football, American.
In the US, many are fans of a particular team or even one player. Fans often gather in their favorite pubs to watch sports competitions.

Basketball is a sport of blacks

Basketball was invented in the United States, and the States now ranks first on the popularity of this game. Basketball is often played by African Americans - they were higher and more nimble than the Europeans, therefore, have made significant progress. Besides, for a long time, the sport was the sole occupation for African-Americans, allowing them to earn enough. The national basketball organization, the NBA is famous for its massive tournaments, one of the most prestigious in the world.

Baseball - the symbol of the United States

Almost any movie or TV series telling about the lives of Americans, you can see episodes of the game of baseball. This is truly a national passion. Baseball parents play with their children, students after school, students in physical education and serving on corporate picnics. Baseball is similar to the Russian rounders - it also used balls, bats and long runs to the opposite side of the field. However, it is much more popular this sport professionally are engaged not only in USA but also in Europe.
Popular among Amateur softball - a softer version of baseball, with the smaller dimensions of the ball and the field.

American football is one of the toughest sports

American football originated by the connection of Rugby and European football. The aim of the game is to move the ball to the end of a particular zone or in the opponent's goal. The ball can be worn in hand or pass to other players. Kicks are allowed only in special cases. American football - very traumatic sport. During the game, resolved power moves and sweeps against rivals, so players wear protective equipment.