Football – king of sports. This team play in love with hundreds of millions of inhabitants of the Earth, which led to the creation of the whole Empire, which revolves around a striped ball. There is not only the usual football on a green field, but also mini-football and beach football, which also attracted a considerable number of fans and participants.
The most popular form of football standard, which is considered the birthplace England. This statement is rather controversial, as in pre-Christian Russia was like a football game, as well as the ancient Maya known to the fights with the ball, where instead of gate used horizontal rings, like a basketball. But it is in this form that we are accustomed to see football originated in Britain in the mid 19th century.
At first in English football was played by students of higher educational institutions and representatives of the upper class. Over time, the game addicted people from the working class. Football became public and began to push social and territorial boundaries.
At the beginning of the 20th century the popularity of football has increased so much that the decision was made on inclusion of the sport in the summer Olympic games, and later on holding a separate world Championships. The first world Cup was held in 1930, the first place took the team of Uruguay. After that, it was a decision every four years to gather in one of the countries best teams to compete in the ability to win, scoring goals in the wrong gate.
Originally the gates were made of wood. This has sometimes led to funny situations. For example, in some games after a strong blow, the gate just broke and fell. It was necessary again to put them, losing precious time. As you know, football is played in two halves of 45 minutes, repairing the same gate could be delayed for 10-20 minutes.
To avoid funny situations and give higher status in the game, existing at the time the international football Federation has proposed to install a metal gate frame, which stretched grid. The mesh allows the ball to fly into the stands, even after a powerful shot on target.
Quite naturally, the Federation countries began to think about what size should be the goal. I needed some uniform standard. In the end, the decision was made, according to which the height of football goal became to meet the requirements of 8 feet, which is 2.44 meters and a width of 8 yards (7,32 meter). Currently just the right size of gate installed in all stadiums of the world.
In cases when the gate does not meet the standards, the result of the match may be voided and the match replayed on a neutral field or the host team will receive a forfeit loss. Once Moscow "locomotive" won the match in the UEFA Cup, the Swiss "Sion" with the account 5:1, however the gate was already 20 cm was eventually replayed, during which our team won 1:0 and passed to the next stage.
In winter, the viewer's attention is riveted to another football. Indoor soccer has gained great popularity in our country in the last twenty years. In this type of football is played not 10 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper and five outfield and 1 goalkeeper. The field itself is less. Of course, the size of the gate is also reduced and correspond to a certain standard. Since the width of the mini-football goal is 3 meters and the height is 2 meters. This account is just hockey – 7:5, 4:3, but sometimes the team upload the match in a goalless draw.