For starters, get the soccer ball. If funds allow, buy a special ball for freestyle. Wear shoes and dress appropriately. Clothing should be comfortable and not restrict movement. The same requirements apply to shoes.
Find a comfortable place for learning. The benefit of freestyle is not soccer, but because he does not require a large area for training. Now you can proceed directly to training. The first thing to learn is to fill or "coining" of the ball. Can first try with one foot. Then connect at times the other leg. With proper skill you for a day or two can hit the ball from one foot to the other alternately. Next, you should practice to mint the ball on the knees and on the head. The second much more difficult. To speed up this process you can, if you call a friend and to pass the ball to each other with a head.
Why you need to learn to fill the ball? Professional freestylers of the day stuffed with more than one thousand times. Therefore the results. Chasing the ball in freestyle is the basis of all bases.
Learning to keep the ball in the air using your feet, proceed to practicing your first trick. This trick is called the ATW, which means "around the world". Its essence is that you need to toss the ball to have time to scroll around his leg and successfully catch it, continuing coinage. Of course, for a beginner, freestyler, this trick will be difficult. However, for a couple of days you will be able to master them in perfection.
In addition to this trick is a whole lot of various movements, but to describe them endlessly. Good luck with training.