Once you are in recovery after delivery, immediately feed your baby. Perhaps at first you do not succeed, but do not despair, ask the experts to help you correctly attach your baby to the breast is very important. The first time you may feel discomfort and even pain, but in this case, to stop breastfeeding, you should not. First, it's temporary difficulties, and secondly, there are lots of inventions that will help reduce your inconvenience, such as special creams and pads.

Good milk production contributes plenty of warm drinks. Do not spend money on lactation teas and tablets, in most cases they are useless.

The first few days in the hospital milk you may not be, it is only colostrum, but this is normal and to run for a mixture is not necessary. Child eats and is quite a small amount, so hungry he will not stay. But to apply it more often to the breast - be sure that this milk will come much faster.

After some time, usually several weeks after the first feeding, you may find that milk is not enough, but actually it's not, you just have a normal lactation and now the milk is not flowing.

Remember that if your baby is crying it does not always mean he's hungry, screaming newborn can be mass, so no need to blame the lack of milk, that's wrong.

Not decemlineata baby milk, lactation is not better, but rather worse, and the baby is much easier from a bottle than our efforts to suckle, and soon he will refuse the latter, and therefore breastfeeding will come to an end.

Tactile contact with mother is very important for the baby that is why breastfeeding is so important, do not neglect it and try to at least up to six months to feed your little man his milk.