Be sure to wear a bra. Breast feeding increases in size and if not to support it by artificial means, the tissues can stretch. While underwear should be matched in size, do not squeeze, but not to be large. The only bras wide straps, to wear their best clock.
If health allows, do strengthening exercises for the chest. This can be a ten-minute set of lifting dumbbells or push-UPS. Very useful swimming, which also allows you to restore the figure after childbirth. Daily sessions will allow you to maintain the chest muscles. In addition, light physical exercise due to increased circulation has a beneficial effect on the amount of milk.
At the time of taking baths daily exercise massage each breast with a jet of contrast showers, starting and ending with a cool water temperature. Movements should be soft and circular, avoiding the areola. One breast is sufficient for 3-5 minutes. This procedure stimulates blood flow to the cells.
Use creams to maintain the beauty of the breast with caution: sometimes they contain fragrance child refuses to take the breast just because he doesn't like the smell. Versatile and secure means is preheated vegetable, liquid honey, sour cream or cream applied to the skin for a quarter of an hour before taking a shower. As ingredients for masks you can also use curd with the addition of fruit and vegetable juices. If you follow all these recommendations, you save breast feeding is easy.